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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, January 5 2008, 22:47:22 (CET)
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Andreas wrote:
>typical idiots who have been brainwashed by the media do some real research and investigation to find out who really IS and always HAS been behind all the crap you post here? mean like you?
>Will you ever be able to think outside the shit that's been put in your heads?

>Very few people are as dumb as you two are, so you're either scared to mention what's true, or they pay for your website?... which is it? CLOWNS! one pays for a completely free and open site except people "stupid" enough to be confident enough to welcome all challengers...if we were the brain-washed type we'd do what your Christian forums do....

...thanks again. People here can't help but note that you show up for games as if you were actually going to play, only to complain about the parking facilities, the food, the lights, the court, the team opposing you before you walk away. Your "game" is to complain...that's all.

...thanks again.


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