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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Thursday, February 1 2007, 21:53:08 (CET)
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Believe me, there's no difference what the Chaldeans in America are doing today, than what the Assyrians of american are doing today, each of them forming their own NATIONAL CONGRESS. What the HELL are all these congresses for, if not to seperate themselves from the overall Iraqi population?

The Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Syrianis of Iraq have NEVER seperated themselves from the Iraqis. It is the Diaspora Iraqi Christians who are wreaking all this havoc on our people, FORCING them to choose sides, and asking for AUTONOMY, SELF-RULE, etc., etc.

We are not in the millions, like the Kurds. We HAVE to form alliances within various Iraqi groups, otherwise they will look at us as seperatists, or target us for being collaborators with the Christian West. If we were to consider oursleves part of the overall Iraqi population, the way we had been before this damn war, and become known as part of the Iraqi opposition group, our churches would not have been burned, our people would not have been beheaded, and they might have even helped us to stop Kurdistan from being created.

The Iraqis know it was US that wanted America to bomb Iraq, it was US that went in droves to help the Americans interpret, or whatever else we are doing in Iraq to help the Americans!

Bob Aprim wrote:
>I don`t blame the Chaldeans at all for cutting any ties with Assyrians. Chaldeans have never cried about "getting our country back"...instead, like the realists they are, they accepted a thousand years of history...learned how to deal with the Arabs and Muslims...worked with them...lived among them and succeeded...they accept Iraq as Iraq...and don`t dream of an Assyria or Chaldea or Babylonia...we, on the famous other hand, are still ranting about how "unfair life is"...while we get poorer and poorer and dumber and dumber. They probably decided to save all their hard work and dissociate themselves from this idiotic "national" business.
>And all we got for our "activism" is Kurdistan...which is not only damn funny but poetic justice too...somewhere Ashur is laughing.


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