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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, March 18 2017, 20:03:40 (UTC)
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Daesh is definitely right wing and I compare them to Nazis who were right wing as well even though idiots like Glen Beck call them socialist. One thing is certain, corporate America does not mind or fear radical Muslims or daesh like the foolish US hero population does. The US prefers the ayatollahs over a leftist government. As long as the "Islamic state" upholds capitalism, all is good. It's when a government starts nationalizing the oil, etc and support for social programs. Saudis are capitalist and that regime can do anything it wants and will never be on a list of banned countries.

Saddam became an enemy only because he didn't abolish socialism in Iraq. He continued and supported healthcare, education etc. Had he been like a Hosni Mubarak, he would have been a good guy or as that cocksucker, BUSH Sr, called him "our right hand man".


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