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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 14 2017, 8:38:28 (UTC)
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Oh I agree and I'm in no way defending them but I will say their actions are not Islamic as majority of Muslims reject such things and most of the victims are Muslims. Islam can be blamed for many things but I disagree with Blum about this because these people are criminal and it's hard to know who they really are but I do know they contradict Islam as no Muslims in the past would allow attacks on children and women and churches and mosques etc. Islam and religion can be used for many bad things but the majority of Muslims would never tolerate it and I don't think they have gotten it wrong.

The US President is always a Christian and that's a man in charge of an empire and war state that thrives from war profits. Isis beheads, and the US uses smart bombs and fighter jets and missile systems. They are both criminal and murder innocent people. There are lots of records of Muhammad and many Muslim leaders in history who were forgiving and showed mercy to their enemies. Salahudin Ayoubi is one example, and then we have Uthman and even Khalid bin Walid etc.

Americans haven't shown such patience, responsibility and discipline against their enemies either.


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