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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 15 2017, 12:54:39 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>"No matter WHAT Muslims are now doing, it comes nowhere close to what Christians did in starving to death innocent babies.....stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it."
> -- I was referring mainly to the difference between the South American resistance and Da'esh, and I also mentioned Vietnamese and Iranian Maoists, and made no mention of the U.S. or Muslims, but since you brought up Muslims I'll add that the Iranian Maoists were all Muslims (and I'm not referring to the MEK), as are the Qurdish anarchists of YPG, whose social philosophy is that of the early Jewish socialists of Russian/American background (mainly from the writings of Murray Bookchin), which greatly emphasize the important role of women and ecology, as opposed to Da'esh who enslave women and destroy and damage the environment. And as far as the killing of Iraqi children: why is Da'esh then going on a rampage in murdering these same Iraqi children? Just yesterday when families from Mosul were attempting to run for safety, Da'esh used their ammunition not on their armed enemies, but on unarmed women and children running for their lives. The Afghan Communists were also from Muslim families and their crime in the eyes of the religious right wing Mujahideen was that they banned Sharia, built schools and hospitals, encouraged women to study and partake in political life, and they discontinued traditional practices of usury and child marriage.

...and who brought this all about? If your point is only that there are bad people now doing bad things, badder than lesser bad people, who made this happen? Who destablized the region and gave the sickest in the society guns and opened prisons and got rid of the police?'ve said nothing when you've said, "they shoot down women and children"...we all know the human race is capable of such things and worse, but we didn't know that a coalition of the most powerful nations on earth, almost all of them Christian, would use lies in order to destroy a once flourishing country and murder its innocent population,,,,we expect sick minds to kill children if they get the chance, we never expected "exceptional" people to do these things.

....those "sick" people had no power or motive till someone else gave it to them....those murdered women and children are on the watch of the Christian nations who let the sickness take over and fueled it and fed it hatred.....let someone come to America and do the same and you'll see horrors enough.....why, if you remove constraints in America some might even lynch Black men....or is that less bad than shooting down women and children?

Are you saying that America never killed innocent women and children....My Lai, maybe?


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