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Re: William Blum The Anti-Empire Report #149 By William Blum
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, March 13 2017, 10:04:25 (UTC)
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He refuses to acknowledge that the same imperialist US gave birth to this "radical Islam" that he's so afraid of. He sounds as ridiculous as Bill Maher who suddenly suffers from bigotry. Towards the end of this article he sounded like a fox news subscriber or maybe even the Christian broadcasting network. Muslims had always been very capable of dealing with few nutcase in their religion but this radical Islam thing is definitely a recent invention and is a reaction to years of destabilizing and is also linked to the US.

So there wouldn't be any beheadings or attacks on anyone or violence if there were no Muslims? What do Christians do during war or what about the hate crimes against gays in America carried out by Christians or the attacks against people from Indian subcontinent who are ignorantly confused as Arab and all this by white American Christians? Perhaps a little racist without knowing it?


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