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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 22:18:18 (CET)
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"Do you realize he proves you right every time he squeezes out a sentence or two from between his cheeks?"

That's because the shit that is stuck in your head is so thick, it's all you can smell and indulge yourself in. ONE, only ONE, of the MANY perfect examples is your "fact" about finding your lost "Andreas"... Would you or the other monkey Mazloom ever realize that your "fact" is nothing but the usual SHIT you nurture yourself on; that you pulled out of your skull?... Not in a million years...

You and Mazloom are the second PAIR-WONDER of the world... The first is my BALLS... You just aint good enough to beat that...

Stupid Mazloom, do you see now why your virgins will dump you two idiots for me?...



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