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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 1 2011, 22:37:31 (UTC)
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I'm still waiting for the day when school children are put to will go something like this...the brainchild of some social science nerd who will suggest tying parental tax rates to achievement, by which is meant grades, in school....those kids who do well enough will save their parents some small percentage on their annual taxes..and since most families need every dime, every dime will be critical....of course schools won't improve any so the same dreary, dismal atmosphere will prevail...only now with the added burden on the kids of knowing that if they don't do well, Mom and Pop, if they have any, will lose that much more of their already shrinking that children too will be stressed out all day and night, as most already are...and this will be presented as a way to "improve our educational system"...while "helping Mom and Dad"...what good American could be against that?

Wait for will come.


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