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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 17 2011, 13:01:17 (UTC)
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...all credit to the American veterans who turned their medals and ribbons back in to the Military after the embarrassment of the "war" on Grenada....that this silly event should have happened under Reagan is fitting....he was such a cheap low-life actor and human bean that his one military "success" would have looked like make it more Hollywoody, Reagan's administration handed out a medal for bravery to almost, I mean literally almost, every single soldier who participated....who came on shore to confront a battalion of mental patients and not much else....more Americans were killed by friendly fire, by each other, than they managed to kill any one on Grenada.

That was a noble gesture.,...flinging back medals which had now lost their meaning....

Reagan was chased out of Beirut by an explosion at the Marine what did he do? He attacked Grenada! And it's a good thing he didn't lose that one...I mean what if American Marines had defeated the American Marines? How would THAT have looked?


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