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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, February 4 2017, 13:39:20 (UTC)
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Milo Yiannopoulos, born to a Greek father and a Jewish mother, exploits his ethnic/religious background (Jewish) and his sexuality and partner preferences ("I love black dick") or ("my boyfriend is Muslim") as a shield to protect himself by playing provocateur when he attacks feminists, Muslims, "fat people", leftists, or the "regressive Left", and even Jews who don't agree with his bullshit, narcissistic self... this "bloke" has daddy-issues, of course. But, hey... he just got a book deal for quarter-of-a-million dollars from Simon and Schuster. He's a piece of shit. BUT. I don't like the pseudo so-called, "anarchists" calling themselves BLACK BLOC, destroying UC Berkeley property, which -- as I said previously -- gives the state prime reason to clamp down on ALL demonstrations, especially peaceful ones, like what happened in Oakland during OCCUPY, when the masked, black-clad middle-class kids (who possibly work with the cops) thrashed Oakland's Black neighborhoods, then ran off to mommy and daddy's mansions in Berkeley Hills, while the cops smashed the skulls of the non-violent demonstrators. Whites can do whatever they please. History has proven this, and history keeps repeating itself, since very few know or read history. This is a clip from a BBC program. Milo is the bloke with the fake blonde hair.


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