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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, July 5 2011, 5:02:19 (UTC)
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I read a huge book by a Robert Eisenman who is a Jewish atheist and it was titled "james the brother of Jesus". This book is huge and took me a while to finally finish reading it. If anyone reads that book, such will be of the impression that this Jesus person never even existed or he was that insignificant to where nobody even mentions him. The silly story about the ten thousand graves opening and dead people walking into the city would be enough evidence and they would be talking about for centuries after but nothing about that huge event except in one gospel and only one gospel. That's ;like writing a book about Islam and never mentioning Muhammad which is impossible but that's exactly how silly that is. An other thing that gets me about that story is how brief and weirdly it ends. It's like one of those movies that suddenly ends and leaves the audience wondering what the hell happened and it will come out with a part 2 soon but the Jesus story ends like that and without a part 2. It's only mentioned one time and never again.

There is so much one can say against Christianity yet these fanatics are always after poor little Muhammad just because he wasn't White. It's okay for people to follow a White man who not only is suppose to be a prophet but also god yet it is a crime for a people to be supportive of an Arab who spoke highly of his predecessor and only claimed to be a mere prophet and servant. It always goes back to racism and bigotry. Why else would a Christian dismiss Buddha, krishna or anyone else withou any kind of researching or listening first but then accept Jesus and Moses? It's because they are White and at least in their minds.


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