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Re: another Christian author tells how it is
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Friday, February 6 2009, 23:50:10 (CET)
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Recently a top Hindu professor said that India had its golden period under Islam and it was during that time period that the many beautiful structures, Hindu temples, Taj Mahal, and many other things were built during the time of Islamic rule. The Christian missionary/historian who lived over years in India wrote a great deal about Muslim tolerance and the amount of success it had during that time. What these dweeps don't want to understand is that the Muslims didn't conquer land in order to oppress the the peoples or to treat them unjust, but it was the opposite. People were treated unjustly and were living like peasants under their own leaderships and Muslims granted the rights of non-Muslims more than Christian leaders offered to their own.


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