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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, June 27 2013, 7:08:38 (UTC)
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They are angry and they have to play nice now and can no longer behave the way the church did in the past. This wouldn't be handled so peacefully if it happened centuries ago when the church had more power. Christians aren't suddenly nice because they're religion is just so good, but because people fought against it and took its power. They're still angry about that as one can see it in their language and how they appear on TV or how what they say when they open their mouths and shoot themselves in the foot. There is a reason why it's Christians who love guns the most in America.

On another subject, we always talk about how Islam is mentioned whenever someone who happens to be Muslim does something wrong and Christianity is never mentioned for Christian criminals. I was recently banned from a forum, this time an American city forum, and it was for this reason. They were talking about Muslims and because I mentioned Christians the same way Muslims were portrayed, I received a warning and my message was deleted. Some Christian hero decide to reply to my post and said Christians don't go blowing themselves up in the name of religion, they just try to peacefully get people to stop drinking alcohol, gambling, watching porn, abortions, etc. I brought up the many Christians who blow up abortion clinic, kill doctors, attack gays, etc and that's when I was banned for "trolling" which was bullshit.

Why is it acceptable to say offensive things about Muslims but not okay to point out Christian crimes? They say that what is said about Muslims is true but not so with Christians, yet how so? Why is it true, because the Christian thinks so? How come he can interpret Islam for the Muslim without caring for their feelings but nobody can mention Christian crimes? Anyhow, I got pissed off about that, wrote the forum moderator and accused him of being unfair and perhaps prejudice himself.

The most common response I receive from Christians for why Islam is mentioned for Muslim criminals is that they claim to do it for their religion. Let's agree for a second and look at it. Where has Bin Laden ever claimed to be fighting because his religion tells him to kill people for no reason? Every tape I ever watched of his and every letter I read online mentions clearly why he was fighting. He said clearly what America had done to people around the world and to Muslims. He even mentioned Grenada and Vietnamese people in his letter. He was clearly not fighting because his religion commands him to murder but because he was defending himself and his people. At one time Bush asked for the media to stop playing the tapes and I bet it was because he would be proven a liar and contradicting to his claims.

Then they say the Muslims always use the name of god when they blow themselves up, but where is the evidence? How many cases of suicide bombers have been proven in Iraq or Afghanistan? Even if they used the name of their god before dying so what? Do the represent the damn near two billion Muslims? What about Christians who use their religion to fight? Bush did it. The abortion doctor killers do it, Bush's pastor did it and so many others do. But they're religion is still protected for obvious reasons. And then we get that fucker Bet-Shlimon, who I had sex with in front of people, and he says it doesn't matter what the Christian does because his religion doesn't allow it, he is false but not so with Islam. He has determined Islam is violent no matter what and from its teaching while Christianity is not. Even if it were true, he still loses, I still fuck him and I win because Christianity has been more violent than Islam. Therefore, Islam has failed as a religion of violence and Christianity has failed as a religion of peace. The majority of Muslims are not violent and the majority of crimes and wars in this world have been brought on and fought by Christians. They have killed more of their own than anyone else has and certainly Muslims can't match what they have done. How is that explained?

The truth is clear and this is pure bullshit. When a Muslim fights, his religion is mentioned and blamed, as if he wouldn't defend himself if he were another religion, and when Christian murders or does something, he is mentioned as an individual with month mention of his religion, and even when clearly did it for religion, and even when the religion didn't stop him. So of all these Christians are just wrong and false, then what goes does it do as a religion when it fails the followers? What's up with all these fake Christians?


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