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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, June 28 2013, 5:40:54 (UTC)
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All good points. You reminded me with the blessing themselves. When my brother graduated from his military school, they had some military pastor there and he said a prayer and had everyone stand up and participate. Only me, one of my brothers and a couple of white folks(I assume they were atheist maybe) didn't participate, and we were getting dirty looks and one lady behind me said that some people just don't have respect. I know she meant me and damn right. Fuck your lord and your pastor and your prayers. I don't want them. Pray for yourselves and fuck you. As far as feeling shame, I'm sure that may be the case with some of them but I'm also sure many of them just don't even see themselves as doing anything wrong or bad. Killing an Iraqi, or any other darkie just doesn't seem to be a sin for them. Hell, they even don't mind killing one another but they just can't do it anymore today, though, they have killed one another by the millions. Was the thirty year war not over religion? Did not Catholics and Protestants murder one another as Christians and even their children? And then there were the many sects that were completely eliminated by the more powerful denomination with armies.

As Bart Ehrman put it in his book about early Christianity, it would be a totally different world of Christendom today had some of those other sects survived. There were some sects which the modern Christians today says were not true Christians but they existed and also had their books and scriptures and were built around Jesus. You had more than just the Nestorians, Jacobites. Etc. They were all removed from earth to where none of them survived and today they have other ones they would like to eliminate but they have to be nice. After all, they're the good guys.


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