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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, October 24 2013, 3:59:51 (UTC)
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I grew up listening to Classic Rock bands like the Doors, Led Zeppelin and Santana, and in time I realized their inspiration came from Jazz, the Blues and Afro-Cuban music. I'm fortunate to have acquired a musical ear which enables me to pick up and learn instruments rather quickly. But I can't read music.

What you said about White people and Jazz is quite true. It's a sort of guilt trip and a means of "I feel your people's pain, man" trip. Actually, the film I mentioned, "Round Midnight", though more or less based on a true story, had the absolute annoying token White guy who wants to save the Black musician from drugs, because only he can see the brilliance of his music.

Some White folks I've talked to used to tell me that they love Miles Davis' music, but didn't appreciate him being a racist because he'd turn his back on his audiences at his gigs, especially when it was a full house of White fans. There's a story about Miles standing outside Birdland one night during a gig, and a white cops passes by and hassles him, calling him a "nigger" and whacking him upside his head with a nightstick. And people wonder why he was as he was.

These days I only listen to classical Persian, Indian and Armenian music. I love the Armenian Duduk player Djivan Gasparyan and the beautiful sound of that instrument.

And with film and books, I probably watch one fiction film per every twenty documentaries, and I usually watch Perisan, Turkish, Palestinian, and Israeli films, or some of the older European ones I'd already seen.

I wish I had the same passion I used to for literature, but I keep picking up non-fiction books. Just recently I picked up a book on T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt, a couple of Edward Said books, and Benny Morris' 1948: The First Arab Israeli War.

I'm thinking about going back to school and maybe maybe maybe.. finishing my degree in History and Poli. Sci. That why I spend most of my time reading and keeping up with all of this madness in the world. On the other hand, I may still pursue filmmaking, music and art. Just a thought.

And BB King is a fantastic guitarist. He has a simple, yet profound approach to guitar Lucille, kind of like Carlos Santana, a lot of soul.

George Carlin has great line about the Blues, he says: "White people have no right to sing the blues, white people cause the blues". I totally agree, even though in my early days I'd listen to English musicians rip-off songs from Black Blues artists and call it Rock music and make millions of dollars off of Black suffering. No wonder why Chuck Berry punched Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards giving Richards a black eye when he went to say hello to the Berry. He said it was because he thought someone was about to rob the cash he kept in his guitar case... I think it was because he got robbed from what was coming out of his guitar and heart.


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