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Re: awwwww, did some one tamper with US election????
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, December 17 2016, 18:07:36 (UTC)
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"Exactly and good points."

-- Sapsibo, comrade. Here's one more: Now -- according to the MSM -- there's a "genocide" taking place in Eastern Aleppo. (Remember the non-"genocide" that was allegedly ravaging Eastern Libya, as in Benghazi), where the other head-choppers were getting THEIR asses beaten by the Libyan forces of Qaddafi? Whose forces were supposedly "raping women" and committing massacres galore? How about the Serbian forces who were "raping women" in Bosnia and "committing a genocide" much like that of the Nazis during World War II? (It was another PR to bomb another socialist country)... have we forgotten this?? Or the "raping and mass murder" in Eastern Ukraine? Are we really this stupid to not see the same pattern over and over, again?
I think not, and I hope not. Even President-Elect Trump knows this is bullshit. Shame on the Democrats and Liberals. What shameless fucks they've become. And "oh, Putin has hacked our elections"? Has any one read Hillary's fuckery about why we didn't hack into the Palestinian election of 2006, where Hamas won the votes, fair and square, according to Jimmy Carter... but Madame Hillary wanted the malleable P.A. to win, by any means necessary? Such a joke!! Thanks Hillary and friends for hacking your way to fuck-over Senator Sanders, who had a better chance of winning the presidency. What's fucked, is that Hillary and friends made their bed, and now we the people must sleep in it... to sink into a four-or-eight-year nightmare.


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