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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 30 2007, 6:25:11 (CET)
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>Did you lose any sleep over their sorry selves not auctioning your sculpture?

I was disappointed in them...sad too. If I don't like someone but that person will help me feed a starving child...I'll take the help and thank him...and then go on disliking him, if I still feel compelled to.

They proved what I suspect of them...of all "assyrians": that they're in it for themselves...that their agenda, whose purpose is to glorify them, isn't really about helping others, no matter how much they weep and wail, but to feed and serve that the case of Assyrians who want to "help Assyria" it is their image of themselves as the "saviors" of assyria that they serve...not the people themselves....they aren't interested in the people, not even as "assyrians"...their concerns are all invested in proving their bible correct.

This was one of those times I didn't like being proven right. I know Narsai wasn't in agreement with their decision, but the board voted to reject the offer. I'd like to think they reconsidered and maybe felt a little foolish...a bit too exposed. If they are REALLY interested in helping the people of Iraq, they'll take help from anywhere...especially in my piddling case because I was asking nothing of them in return...except a free ticket to the dinner...actuall three.

They're playing the same game with Aghajan, not the AID society but Aprim and the rest...they want the miserable Christians of Iraq to refuse money from the "enemy", meaning the Kurds...they should wait on Aprimk to send them ten cents...or they clamor for money from America or Europe that will go directly to Assyrian organix=zations in Iraq...and there's no mystery why and it has nothing to do with "evil" Kurds; anyone who knows these people...who's worked with them knows they're eager to skim money off the top. That's the reason they accuse everyone else of doing so; because it's what THEY want to do.

It isn't difficult to see where their real interests lie...not all of them. There are decent exceptions among them...but not enough to write home about.


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