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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, June 14 2011, 8:32:38 (UTC)
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I don't care what a company says about itself and how much they say they care about employees and people but it's money and only money before anything at the end of the day. A company or a business isn't open to give money or create jobs but it's profit before anything. This is how companies work and that's how the US works as it is also a business and the leader of all capitalists. They have done a decent job at making the wage-slaves believe that they can become wealthy one day too if they would only work hard. I don't care if a person works 24 hours and seven days a week if it were possible to stay up that long, yet such person would still never become rich. It's impossible and it is designed that way. The owners of huge companies didn't make their money from hard work or long shifts. Sam Walton didn't work at burger king nor deliver pizzas for minimum wage but had money. Bill Gates didn't work at Lowes and suddenly become wealthy but he had rich family. The Two scums who started Home Depot were already rich also.

There are only few cases, and I mean very few, where a poor person made it big and those stories are usually used to prove the "success" of capitalism but they almost all happened a long time ago and they are very few. They don't mention the other side because it wouldn't be comparable. Rich people here and everywhere get rich at the expense of others and the hardest working people are the poorest. They say slavery is over but I object. It is alive and hasn't never changed about this dirty country. It wasn't founded for freedom but was to be the next prison for Euros and they have enslaved people of all colors from Black to even poorer Whites. People who favor this kind of system can justify it as much as they want and try to make all kinds of excuses but it will always go back to capitalism.

This is the worse country socially and financially and it's odd that only rich people get socialism here. The govt hands out cash to private companies when the rest get nothing. No matter how arrogant Americans want to be but there will be a revolt here by the working class people. It may take a long time since Americans aren't evolved and are the most frightened people on earth but it will come. Karl Marx will be right because he said the revolution would start in a capitalistic world and the US is the leader of it and where it's needed the most. A recent poll already showed that 11% Americans want communism and I bet the numbers are actually higher as the statistics are given by the enemy and I also bet those are some of the smartest Americans who are of that view. I bet the ones who hate it or reject it are the ones who live in bathrooms and have trash bags on their windows because they can't afford to fix them even though they work slave shifts. It's always the dumb ones who scream "fuck commies" and "they are secret Jews" but they also happen to be Christians(aka followers of a Jew carpenter who was sold for a few coins by his friends).


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