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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, November 27 2011, 21:46:37 (UTC)
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Fuck Maricopa County, Arizona, and that Nazi pig, Sheriff Arpaio, who get's a hard-on throwing hard-working, undocumented immigrants (mostly Mexican farmers who couldn't compete with big US agribusiness - thanks to "Slick Willie" Clinton's NAFTA - and were forced off their farms with the only option to embark on a precarious trek up North to take the worst, low-paying jobs, and be scapegoated by racist, red-neck reactionaries).

These people are fodder for the private prison concentration camps, the more Mexicans Arpaio arrests, the fatter the profits for the merry prison owners and shareholders.

The worst part is that they separate families (husbands from wives; parents from children), an old practice slave masters used to isolate and break their chattel.


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