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Posted by Arrow (Guest) - Sunday, December 4 2011, 14:13:30 (UTC)
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>>The point is: “let's narrow down the argument”.
>...a silly argument, even if narrowed down, is still silly.

Silly or not, that's not the point... If we want to argue the existence of God then let's go back to the post about Aquinas and the First Cause and provide argumentative refutations as opposed to mere contradictions, sarcasms, “ho hum”, “Aquinas is a circus barker”, “bad analogy”, “swiss cheese”...etc.

Saying it's silly and then leaving it at that is not an argument.

For both the Bunny and god you have no evidence, no proof

When you say “proof”, you mean a priori or a posteriori? Does the possibility of an uncaused instigator sound more illogical than its alternative: infinite regression? I am not asking for blind faith but at least let's not adamantly negate a hypothesis purely on the bases of lack of evidence. We do not have proofs for the existence of parallel universes or extraterrestrial life but scientists do postulate and discuss them.

you and Aquinas may think you have proven the case for the existence of god ...but you haven't

No one has ever thought that. I find the idea of unequivocally proving the existence of God to be paradoxical to the very notion of an omnipotent and omniscient God. In my opinion: IF God exists then we are under his control, and therefore we can prove his existence ONLY if HE wants us to prove it. It follows that: IF we proved God's existence AGAINST his will, then in this case he wouldn't be God.

but you start out saying you BELIEVE, and on no evidence.

When? When? When? When did I, or the author I quoted, start out by saying “I BELIEVE”? When did I ever begin an argument by saying: “GIVEN that God exists....”?

let's stick to what people do when they BELIEVE in a god. You said or implied that when people think god is watching, they behave better...I see no evidence of that...maybe the opposite.

Okay then, next time we'll pick up from here:


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