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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, November 30 2011, 9:15:37 (UTC)
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I agree but I would add that there are those who believe in gods to do as you already mentioned, but there are also those who believe out of fear or because they are uneducated and were taught this from birth. On my mom side of the family, none of them(yes, 0) finished school and the most they have is elementary education, and that too maybe 3 years. My mom can't read or write in any language and religion is something she follows based on what others have taught her. She can't tell you what's in the bible but she believes in god. There are lots of people who are like that. They follow blindly or out of fear. I had a Chinese friend few years back was asking me why I was wasting my time fasting. And I, like a dumb ass, said because I had to and was afraid of the day of judgment. It turns out he had no religion and told me that all you need is a good heart. He said why do people believe in god and still do horrible things? He said people only believe out of fear of hell. In other words, fear tactics and brainwashing. I agree with that fully.

My mother is one of those who wouldn't give up religion for whatever but she hardly ever goes to church anyway. It is hard to teach a person who never went to school or even trying to explain simple things such as Asia or something. I think the pastors, priests, CEO, government etc, use religion or god to justify their bad behavior, and we have evidence of that, nut I also believe the peasants, the uneducated, etc, follow along because they're so afraid of going to hell and they also have hope. If you ever noticed, Muslims are a lot more calmed when harmed or done wrong. Iraq, Palestine, etc are great examples of that. The reason these people are so is because they believe allah will handle them in the hereafter, but they will be without justice eventually. They have hope that they might have better. Poor Christians are another example of that. The church is wealthy and the average is poor, but they preach to those poor that it's okay; money is evil and all the other crap, and the poor will just hope for better "in heaven." After all, they are told there are streets of gold and nobody will harm them.

They are so brainwashed that they can't ask that same preacher why he is wealthy. There is really nothing logic about religion and it only makes sense to the religious because he was brought up that way. I read many times where people claim to have proof for god, yet when you listen to them, it's shit that comes out of their mouth. I have reached a point when a person starts with "it just makes sense" or "everything has a source, creator, maker," it's at that point where I back out of the dialogue or debate because I see where it's going. i am not about type for hours just to be at the same point we started.


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