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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, November 30 2011, 18:44:37 (UTC)
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In particle physics, things pop into and out of existence all the time from so called nothing. But "nothing" is an illusion. There is a thing called "vacuum energy" that is not understood. What appears to be nothing is teaming with energy. Einstein showed that matter and energy are interchangeable - you can convert matter into energy or energy into matter, but neither can be created nor destroyed, only interchanged. So invisible energy can be converted to matter and vice versa. Indeed, in particle physics and quantum mechanics, particles ebb into and out of existence all the time from energy. Energy is everywhere, even in the so called vacuum of space. It is believed that the Big Bang spontaneously arose from this so called nothing, which is really teaming with unseen energy, now called "dark energy" that is not understood. Matter may actually be thought of as a condensate of invisible energy. So the short answer is, yes, something can be created from nothing.

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