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Posted by Arrow (Guest) - Friday, December 9 2011, 20:40:04 (UTC)
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I am willing to admit that you and I and Aquinas don;t know

Before you said “I know for a fact that God doesn't exist”. Now you're saying “I don't know”. Have you converted to agnosticism? closed. Now, how about that other question....the notion that belief in a god makes people better...or, the things people do BECAUSE the believe in a god...regardless of whether he does or not....

You will make me run in a closed circle... make me repeat myself over and over and over again... just like what happened in the last two arguments (nuclear proliferation and God's existence).

Anyway, I will open a new thread and we will discuss it... but not now. I'm not in the mood. I have another topic in mind. It's not very philosophical and hopefully it won't make us go in circles: same-sex marriage! It's shouldn't take much time.

But let's decide now how are we going to debate the next topic. The title will be “Atheism versus All Religions”. I have several conditions:

1- If I got my idea or my argument from a particular source then I HAVE to mention that source. You can't restricted me from quoting or digging up sources.

2- Do not make me repeat myself.

3. Do not claim that I said something I didn't say.

4- I can't think of any 4, jump to 5.

5- You say atheism is better than all religions. Well then you have to criticize ALL religions. Do not pick up just on Christianity. I will go even further and ask you to consider non-existing, hypothetical religions as well.

For example, let's say that there is a religion called “Panchoism”. This religion claims that God came down from heaven and gave his creation only one commandment: The Golden the Rule. You have to show that atheism is better than Panchoism.


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