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Posted by Arrow (Guest) - Wednesday, November 30 2011, 20:45:41 (UTC)
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Using the word "cause" is also a fallacy. The universe doesn't have to be caused by anything

Cause is a “fallacy'?... “The universe doesn't have to be cause by anything”?... Come again?

Just accept the is is a fact. You can enjoy a banana without knowing its cause....

What the…? What does accepting the universe as a fact and enjoying it has to do with...? How's the weather over there? It's getting cold here.

all of this is's meant to impress the gullible....the same people who were afraid of demons and soap and the moon's shadow.

And that's a “refutation”?

Aquinas is a practitioner of cheap carnival tricks...a circus Barker whose job it is to get people inside the tent.


this is all from the Scholastic movement when churchmen realized people didn't really believe their faith-based they thought to use "reason" to prove the existence of god...except they got Reason all wrong too...which isn't hard to imagine since their minds were already addled with this Swiss Cheese.

I love swiss cheese. French cheese is even better.

bad analogies..that's all these "arguments" are...but they happen so fast and seem to make sense that people let them slip.

Yeah... very bad.

if he even exists...and he doesn;t need to exist....his existence changes or adds nothing TO existence....

Can I quote you?

obviously Aquinas had way too much time on his hands.

There was a recession at that time.

"and if I have no banana than I can't make a banana split and since I can't make a banana split I have to eat paint, but paint exists only in paint stores so how am I to satisfy my craving for a banana split with paint especially since a painting of a banana split hardly satisfies like the real thing, especially if water colors are used because bananas are rich in oil, not water which brings me around to a state of grace and is better for my cholesterol anyway"....see, anyone can be wise.

You have cholesterol?

we know what causes bruises...we do not know what causes Man. Just because we know blows cause bruises does not follow that some blowhard caused man.

But what causes causes? Aren't causes caused as well?


Bum blum

these "arguments" are neither worthy of respect, attention nor time.

I'm beginning to realize that.


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