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Posted by Arrow (Guest) - Friday, December 9 2011, 18:22:02 (UTC)
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This whole started out with a simple.."what evidence is there for the existence of a god?"

There are no “evidences”. There are clues:

1. Without a first cause, the chain of causes goes back to infinity.
2. The universe came under nearly impossibly improbable circumstances (see Collin's lecture in previous post), unless if there are infinite number of parallel universes and we just happen to be in the one that succeeded.

we can get to your question after you answer mine.

Does the notion of a creator sounds more fantastical than the above alternative possibilities? Which one requires more faith?

Aquinas is speaking in circles...he already believes there is SOMETHING...there he and I agree

Really? You agree? Good. That “something”, was it created by something else? Would you be willing to consider the possibility that there might be a something that was not created by something else?

* * *

Anyway, it's like running in a closed circle. I will stop here.


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