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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, November 30 2011, 4:10:40 (UTC)
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God-believers commit all the crimes that non-believers commit...and then some. Hitchens was right when he pointed out that religion has never made a person do good things, but it has made him do bad things,,,for instance; no one in his or her right mind would condone cutting flesh from a baby's body, without anaesthesia no less...but when God tells you do it. It would be a crime at any other time...but it is a "sacred obligation" when god commands it.

The reason people believe in gods is to provide themselves with a justification to do bad things, should doing bad things appeal to them....doing bad things doesn't appeal to me...I would never cut flesh from a baby...the difference between me and god-people is that if a god told me to do it, I'd tell him to go fuck himself...whereas the religious would pick up a knife...or a sharp stone and start cutting.

One of us LIKES causing pain, to babies. One of us LIKES cutting that skin but feels a whole lot better about it if he can bring god in on his crime.

I don't have a criminal mentality therefore I don't believe in gods...I don;t need them for anything, least of all as partners in crime.


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