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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, December 9 2011, 23:35:35 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
> I am willing to admit that you and I and Aquinas don;t know
>Before you said “I know for a fact that God doesn't exist”. Now you're saying “I don't know”. Have you converted to agnosticism?

...I said nothing about a god...I never denied a mystery. There are obviously creative forces in this universe....but not a god.
> closed. Now, how about that other question....the notion that belief in a god makes people better...or, the things people do BECAUSE the believe in a god...regardless of whether he does or not....
>You will make me run in a closed circle...

...why do you blame me for your handicaps? I didn't blame you for anything. Do I have that kind of power that I can decide how you run?

make me repeat myself over and over and over again... just like what happened in the last two arguments (nuclear proliferation and God's existence)., all of a sudden you too are "too busy"? You're the one who insisted on going on and on...I asked you skip god and cut to the replied that you would, but not the decision to run in circles was yours, not mine. I was afraid you would "get tired".
>Anyway, I will open a new thread and we will discuss it... but not now. I'm not in the mood. I have another topic in mind. It's not very philosophical and hopefully it won't make us go in circles: same-sex marriage! It's shouldn't take much time.
>But let's decide now how are we going to debate the next topic. The title will be “Atheism versus All Religions”. I have several conditions:
>1- If I got my idea or my argument from a particular source then I HAVE to mention that source. You can't restricted me from quoting or digging up sources.

...I am willing to talk to YOU...not your sources. I have my own ides about the universe....I am tired of those old thinkers....I know many of them, the rest I gave up one who really never believed ion a god knows what the hell these people are talking about.
>2- Do not make me repeat myself.

...then stop doing it.
>3. Do not claim that I said something I didn't say. far you have said what others have said...say somethign you DO say...and you'll do just fine.
>4- I can't think of any 4, jump to 5.
>5- You say atheism is better than all religions. Well then you have to criticize ALL religions. Do not pick up just on Christianity. I will go even further and ask you to consider non-existing, hypothetical religions as well.

...I will go you one better and not discuss ANY religions...not seriously. They are all cracked. The only question I would entertain is "which one has been more damaging to the human race"...that seems to me a worthy discussion...but to split hairs about dogma and doctrine...whatever for?

...there are several grades of lunatics in any number of mental institutions...I am not interested in debating their insanities. Give me a sane person and we'll get along just fine.
>For example, let's say that there is a religion called “Panchoism”. This religion claims that God came down from heaven and gave his creation only one commandment: The Golden the Rule. You have to show that atheism is better than Panchoism. I don't. The golden rule is "good enough" one kills anyone or burns anyone for NOT believing in it...therefore belief in it is NOT a religion...there is no god behind it...there doesn't HAVE to be...that's the whole point. As soon as you introduce beliefs in gods and their existence, you ruin rational discourse.


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