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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, December 3 2011, 20:17:07 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
> my point is that these "big questions" are foolish questions because no two people agree on is beside the point if there is a god or not...or a first cause or not. What counts is what people are DOING to us with these beliefs. I don;t care if god exists or not...I care what someone who believes he exists DOES to me.
>Okay man, I get it...
>For simplicity purposes, I suggest we first define and narrow down the topic before we commence with the discussion. Regarding the existence of God, we can divide the debate into several topics and address each separately. For example:

...but that's like saying "Let's narrow down the srgument about the existence of the Easter Bunny" obviously place faith or interest in the existence of a god...where someone else might believe in the Tooth point is that gods and tooth fairies and bunnnies are all in the same category...and hardly worth the effort. What is important is what humans and human agencies DO to us because of their belief in a god who gives them the RIGHT and even obligation to mess with the rest of us.

...if people believed there was a big Rabbit in the sky and used that belief to push us around, it might seem worthwhile to debate the existence of such a large Rabbit...but not really. The pertinent discussing would still be WHY they think a big Rabbit gives them the right to do what they do to children and the rest of us.

...god isn't the issue, or shouldn't be. The issue is what belief in him allows people to do with impunity.
>I The Cosmological Argument: (Aristotle and Aquinas).
>II The Problem of Evil: (If God exists, then He wouldn't allow evil to befall upon the innocent).

...there is no "problem" with the existence of evil...there is no problem with the existence of rattlesnakes either...they exist. They are not a "mistake"...we don;t have to kill all sharks because every so often one of them eats human. There is nothing "wrong" with humans...they are this way and that...good and bad. That's the way we can influence us for better or worse, but we are not a "problem".
>Regarding religion, we can divide the debate into several topics and address each separately regardless of the whether or not God exists. For example:
>I One religion versus the other.

...sure, but still a meaningless comparison, if you want to cut to the chase...who cares what form of human folly is the cause of my misery...I want all of them to end.
>II Atheism versus all religions.

...that depends...if the atheism is pure, sure...but if it's just another "belief", then what's the point. There is no reason to believe in a god....none. For primitive people, of course....we need explanations and causes so in our infancy when we knew nothing else, we did the best we could....just like eating an animal raw was better than eating it alive....but we know better now...we know enough to know there is no reason to even think god exists...or that just by inventing one we have "explained the mystery of the Universe"...we have explained nothing...all we've shown is how primitive we still are...we want "intelligent voodoo"...a contradiction in terms.
>Same goes for any other subject. But let's resume the debate later...

...sure, but let's get on the same page first.


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