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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, May 16 2015, 22:21:37 (UTC)
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Regarding collateral damage: During the 1990's in the streets of L.A. there were too many innocents getting killed via drive-by-shootings. So the shot callers from La EmE (Mexican Mafia) put the word out on the streets that to avoid unnecessary deaths, the foot soldiers had to get out of the car, walk up to their intended targets, and take'em out. It was an interesting debate, with some asking what if they technically remained in the car, but had one foot on the pavement... they were called "bitches" by others who said that killing by using a gun is for cowards, they instead proposed that using a gun from afar or close by was not what true warriors did. A real "Vato" would have to be 100% sure who the marked man was, and then he would have to walk up face-to-face and use a blade to take out his enemy, close enough to be able to smell his last dying breath, while looking at his own reflection in the dying man's eyes. I don't know how long this lasted... but I thought it was interesting that these conversations even took place among cold-blooded killers.


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