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Re: email exchange with Andre Anton.....
Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Friday, July 1 2011, 4:28:32 (UTC)
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Your exchange reminded me of something...

The Chaldean News still reprints propaganda from AINA, that sorry excuse for a non-news agency, despite my pleas, in writing, on several occasions for them to reconsider "pro-Nineveh plains" articles and other such ridiculous circulation of AINA's "press releases". Syndicating such ridiculous/religious/tribalist propaganda just makes The Chaldean News even less of a sorry excuse for a news paper.

Why is it that our most competent writers, artists, journalists, and thinkers go running away from the community, screaming? Why is it that the least competent are able to disgust the most competent?

Why can't it be the other way around? Why can't the most competent embarrass and shame the least competent away?


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