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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, July 1 2011, 8:31:39 (UTC)
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Pancho, I take my hat off to you, brother, you were on point. I don't know this man but for a moment I would have thought he is sincere until after i finished reading the first part. He says it isn't about religion, but really? Would they make it a big deal if Iraq was a Christian country and some of these were being kicked out? Just like if Turks were Christians, there would be none of the genocide claims. It's very obvious what the point of this all is. He says that it is wrong to punish innocent people for the actions of few, that's true and I agree with him, but didn't the US murder and punish millions of Iraqis for the actions of one man, and one man they empowered themselves? Why is he silent if he is so sincere and not anti-Muslim?

The majority of Iraqi refugees are Muslims. All Iraqis have suffered but Muslims had it worse. More Muslims died from sanctions than Christians and more Muslims have had their homes, mosques and families destroyed. Why no mention of that since we are being "sincere" here? It's always the same old stuff with these people and then the usual jumping into personal attacks. Then the "you're being rude argument" is always used too just like the "I don't have time". It's as if they are really that busy with something important. They have all the time in the world for bullshit but nothing when it comes to their enemies and that includes us as well. Bet-Shlimon could go on Coptic websites and find Muslims who like to drink urine and "confirm" every prejudiced claim he has ever made but couldn't face us.

Andre tried for a little but didn't last very long and exposed himself. It was you who helped expose him as you have done with the many others in the past. It amazes me how they view certain Christian lives sacred while others are not. American prisons are filled with Christians but no word. Christians commit crimes against other Christians but no complaint from Assyrians. There are many Assyrians in prisons all over the US but no complaints. Why is it a crime only when they are prosecuted in Iraq or Muslim countries but not elsewhere? I guess it's okay to break laws back home but not in the west. It's the west that has always fucked these people over but it's always Muslims who get all the hatred. It's the same with how it's white people who have fucked these people yet it's Blacks and in many cases even Mexicans whom they save their hatred for.

Why are Whites so innocent for them when they are doing all the harm to Iraq? I guess it's always easier to hate the oppressed than go after the oppressor just like White tea baggers blame immigrants for the low wages that American jobs are paying now when it's the fucking capitalists trying to put more dollars in their pockets.


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