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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, June 30 2011, 18:25:04 (UTC)
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Thanks for sharing this, Pancho, and more importantly, for exposing this hack. After reading this I understand ever more why I much prefer to read or watch non-Assyrians, perhaps a John Pilger, to make films about the plight of Iraqis (ALL IRAQIS).. Pilger made a film - almost a decade old - about the slow, killing of Iraqi children through the US imposed sanctions without dividing them based on religous or ethnic lines -- which Assyrian filmmaker of this generation has even attempted to contemplate that genocide? This guy's responses were on auto-pilot - no thinking at all - just mere empty words, what the Israelis call "hasbara", or what you rightly called, "propaganda". (And I love the fact that he involved Mona, and then... the childish insults... as if we don't know the formula). A nice way to start my day.. thanks again "champ".


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