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Re: ever read "lost christianities"?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 6 2010, 13:58:56 (UTC)
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Website title:,but Iīd like to read that book....Iīll seek it out, thanks...also, do you know of any books that tell the real story of how this brutal religion was actually spread? Has any been written yet?

Imean, here we have a perfect example before of eyes of this religion was really the war on Iraq we saw missionaries trying to take advantage of the very Muslims they were murdering and torturing by, of all things, expecting them, in all seriousness, to embrace the religion of those who are KILLING THEM...and thatīs exactly the way they spread this religion from the beginning...itīs just that they are more sensitive to being exposed now than they were before...but believe me, if they could stand every Muslim in Iraq and elswhere against a wall and threten to shoot them unless they converted or, threaten to starve their children to death AS THEY ACTUALLY DID, if they did not convert, theyīd do it in a heartbeat...if only they could get away with it.

But, is there any difference really between doing that and thinking you will be received as a LIBERATOR with open arms, as they like to think every disciple or mad priest was who came telling the story of Jesus? Isnīt a "liberator" very close to a Messiah? Didnīt the United States expect to be seen, and presented itself and still does, as the MESSIAH sent to save the Iraqi Muslims...while sadly killing several Christians too along the way...Christians who, in any case were really still HERETICS?

Can we doubt what they did all along when we see them trying to still do it, with the same smug self-righteousness and mass killings of innocent people of another faith who are expoected to be GRATEFUL for being saved, even at the cost of everything they ever held dear but which was blasted to smithereens, in the "noble" quest to save them from being enthralled to the DEVIL, leaving them desperately needing the very basics for survival? Which these same Saviors will now lavish on them?


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