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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, February 1 2013, 6:02:53 (UTC)
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Good point. I bring this up all the time and the response I'm given is: what can we do about it? The answer is simple. You vote them in, you can vote them out. I thought this was a free society where voters call the shots. Stop voting for the cock suckers who don't give a fuck about you. The problem is arrogance and the American people just can't put their own criminals in jail. It was something Jessie Ventura brought up. He asked: what, are we gonna throw our own politicians in jail for their crimes? We see little guys like Saddam or Milosevic in court for their crimes or alleged crimes, but we don't see leaders in England, US or France be brought to justice and that's because the populations in these countries are cowards.

More and more people are realizing that they have been fucked by those they elceted and the policies they supported. While the average can't go to a dentist or get gas money to make it to work, those on the very top have gotten even wealthier than previously. Even Christianity isn't working anymore as people are finally seeing something is wrong. I don't care what they say, capitalism is actually dangerous to the environment and only some kind of socialism can end this because there has to be restrictions. Europe learned that a long time ago that capitalism left without regulations will destroy everything. That's why some of those countries have stricter environmental laws and regulations.

My mother who is completely illiterate, even sees something wrong with this and says it's inhumane. My Iraqi one time roommate was telling me the other day how you can't even get a glass of water from a restaurant in a capitalistic society and this is what the capitalists want for the whole world, not even a cup of water without paying. And this is supposed to be a Christian society? Where is the humanity and some compassion.


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