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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, December 10 2016, 4:49:59 (UTC)
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I apologize for my ramblings... It's just that my head is spinning from lack of sleep. I don't know what happened. Among artists there are freaks and weirdos and narcissists... but I do not believe that this man deliberately destroyed his own home, resulting in the deaths of 36 of his friends and associates. This horrible tragedy has now turned into a witch hunt. Already, artists in the Bay Area who live in these spaces are being evicted, so that the big money people can come in and turn S.F., Berkeley and Oakland into another Los Angeles, where only the rich can be artists. I'm utterly saddened for the families of the dead, many of whom where from the LGBTQIA community. It's a sad day for "freaks" and a day of joy for "jocks" and "troglodytes" who've all come out of their holes and basements to make a dark tragedy even darker with their sick, twisted and hateful ramblings.


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