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Re: fires of hatred spread in Arizona...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, June 19 2011, 15:54:32 (UTC)
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Rashad wrote:
>I was visiting in Canada when one of those fires happened in California, and Assyrians up there were accusing Muslims of it. They were saying that Muslims wanna kill Christians so they throw lid cigarettes into the woods so it can burn. Of course, there was no proof for this but it was Assyrians spreading these lies. They have their own CNN.

...that's odd when right before our eyes Christians are murdering Muslims, lighting fires, dropping bombs, raping and shooting etc....with all that evidence right before our eyes. not to mention 700,000 murdered Muslim children, these dweebs come up with forest fires lit by Muslims!!! Where there's plain evidence, they see nothing...where there is none, they see MUSLIMS!!!


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