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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, September 4 2010, 4:46:28 (UTC)
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Well that's the thing about it is people always say "you know what Muslims have done" and I hear always about what the Turks have done yet when the evidence is asked for the same accusers become angry. It's very simple; show me the evidence and I take it from there. They think it counts just because they say it. I remember this silly assyrian girl arguing with me about how Muslim armies invaded lands, killed, looted, robbed, and raped women. I asked for her evidence and she said there is plenty and it's all around me. There is none actually except the lies spread by past authors but real historians have a different story. They forget that it is Christian historians who say so about Islam and they also tell us about Christianity. They are not Muslim but Christian, Atheist, Jewish or others who say so. Those liars have never read any evidence but only have sill stories they heard or maybe read about in Fred Aprim's "books".


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