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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, December 6 2016, 16:03:31 (UTC)
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...turns out there really is no way to allay white "fears" of Blacks. Not even when locked away in ghettos were whites safe from their Black "fears"...not even a well-behaved educated Black professional can reduce white "fears", in fact such a Black increases their fears....when such a fear exists, it is no longer a valid fear but a phobia...and a phobia is a sickness in the mind of the beholder and has nothing, in reality, to do with the object of that other words Blacks never were the problem, it was always whites who were and are THE problem.

To be afraid of a man pointing a gun at you is a reasonable still be afraid, afraid enough to murder, a man who is running away from you, is not a reasonable is a phobia, a mental sickness, not based on reality but your own sick perceptions.

"Racist, heal thyself", cause it sure as shit ain't MY doing.


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