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Re: from slavery to Jim Crow to police shootings....
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, December 7 2016, 17:40:38 (UTC)
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"I would be paranoid too if I was around Iranian Muslims with names like Henry, Bob and Eddie and if they wore suits on hot summer days for no reason."

-- Ha ha ha!!! So true. I meet guys whose real names are Jamshid ("James"), Hassan ("Jason"), Asghar ("Oscar"), Abbas ("Abe"), Homayun ("Hank"or "Henry")... and the numerous "Mikes" in black Giorgio Armani suits, black Italian shoes, black BMWs, reeking of onions and Shanbalileh (which is a spice used in Ghormeh Sabzi that permeates the entire body seeping out of pores... for days!) covered by heavy doses of Dolce e Gabbana aftershave. The coolest Iranian Muslims I've met live in San Francisco, New York, Quebec... but certainly not L.A. or San Jose... and they keep the fuck away from the Iranian Muslim Men in Black Armani suits, just as I do. The most stand-up Iranians whom I have the pleasure of knowing... are Jewish, like my wonderful doctor who pays out of his own pocket (no kidding) since he knows my health and money situation is quite dire. He could easily tell me to fuck-off, but he's a real mensch.


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