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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Friday, December 21 2007, 22:54:11 (CET)
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NARAM SIN wrote:
>todays christians claim that the turks killed over 700.000 assyrian christians in 1915 and 1916 but it has been a lie from the very first day. i have some information by trustworthy sources which show that the christians arfe liars. anyone interested can go to this link and read it. .

I have beeb wondering about the numbers myself since it don't add up right. There weren't even 700,000 "Assyrians" around back then for the Turks to have killed that many. Ever since the time, they been exaggerating their numbers. Those priests and bishops were making real fools of themselves as they submitted their number of victims and the western allies rejected them since they were more than the actual number of Christians there. They are real liars as you said and they have been doing that ever since. They waged war on Turkey along with the western allies and Turkey responded by killing off the adult members of the families in the area where all this was taking place. Yes, that is a tragedy and Turkey most definetely over reacted a little but they can't be expected to be the bad guys or take the total blame. As our brother Pancho has said, it would be propably more helpful for Turkey to go ahead and appologize and admit it while demanding that the Christians do the same, and we know that their scales are much heavier. They have killed more ppl in Iraq in the last 17 years than Turkey could ever dream of.

>these christians are good at exaggerating and changing around events to brainwash the ignorant assyrians into believing that the christians who call themselves assyrians were hated and murdered because of their christian religion or being assyrians but it had nothing to do with it. the turkish government dont care what they called themselves or if they believed in a jewish god or not. they cared about their national security and they defended themselves against christian conspiracies and attacks just as we believers in our GOD ASHUR BLESSED BE HIS NAME and our muslim brothers are victims today of christian crimes and murders.

Yes sir, they exaggerate their numbers, they create their own enemies and they ignore their own dirt. It's only when a Muslim kills a Christian that it becomes a tragedy. Have you ever heard of the Paulicians, Basilidians, Corinthians and others? If you haven't, I be more than glad to briefly tell you about them. These were early Christian sects who were declared "heretics" by the Church of Rome. They managed to survive centuries of persecution and genocides from their own Christians. One of those groups(Paulicians) they manages to survive until about the 8th century ce and they at last took refuge in Armenia before they were completely annhialated. In france alone, over 8000 of them were murdered in one day. They were killed because they denied the crucifixion of Jesus(as), they denied the trinity and almost all other modern mainstream doctrines of Christendom. No Christian talks about them or any other Christian sects that were murdered by Christians but it is so horrible when Turkey killed a few for waging war on them. They have killed more ppl than all other religions combined just in the last century alone. During ww2, over 70 million people lost their lives in Europe and those were just Christians killing Christians.

There was a book I was reading and the author was saying how if Jesus really ordered his followers to spread Christianity after his departure, then his followers failed miserably. Because to this day as we speak, every Christian you see today was already born into a Christian family, his great ancastors were murdered, forced or pressured to convert, and today the only thing they can do is use poverty, sanctions, and education as a tool to hope to gain few converts in the poorer countries. Their governments put sanctions on other countries, and this gives them a way to send in their missionary workers which then use all kinds of methods to gain converts. In most cases, the money that they use to buy converts in poorer countries is actually the money they steal from the same country. But you shouldn't be surprised about this since the founder of Christianity(Paul), whom they follow, used all kinds of dirty tactics to gain converts. Anything from being a liar to faking or acting and this is all admitted by him himself in his own book in the New Testament(1Corinthians 9:20). Even our ancastors the Ashuris were pressured, forcedc and manipulated to convert to this paganized version of Judaism.

Take care and thank you for posting this message which was very helpful and important. Peace


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