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Posted by NARAM SIN (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 2:19:55 (CET)
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you are right ASSYRIANMUSLIM i agree with what you posted. these fucking christians have been killing more people for the last 2000 years than the rest of the world combined. and these christians who stole the beautiful ASSYRIAN name hate jews but forget that they worship a jewish man god. how silly is that really. killing and hating the same people whom their god belongs to is very stupid. they are very famous for killing and murdering and pose as the victims when they get their asses pounded. they dont seem to have a problem selling their asses and even allowing the english and western troops to have sex with their women during the world wars but want to cry like babys for getting payback from turkey. i agree with turkey for not confessing or appologizing for a genocide because there was no such thing done. i dont think the fucking chirstian west would have allowed turkey to get away with that for over 90 years. germany was more powerful than turkey and they were brought to justice for the holocaust almost immediately after. same thing would have happened to turkey. the turks are not that stupid to deny a genocide if there really was one but there was no genocide against christians or armenians and assyrians. thats why the armenians have been mostly ignoring the christian thiefs who call themselves assyrians because they know it's already hard to show proof that a genocide took place against them and now there comes another group of christians claiming they lost almost close to 1 million people when their population could never have been as much back then. most of the world has barely even taken the armenian claims serious and they shouldn't because they have mostly lied about almost everything. the christian thiefs who have kidnapped the ASSYRIAN name are also liars and they should appologize to turkey for back stabbing the ottoman government and everey other people in the middle east who were good to them. it is just wonderful how fast these stupid christians will sell their asses for their own christians if they can kill muslims but when muslims retaliate it is only then a problem. turkey should continue ignoring their claims of genocide and i dont have any sympathy for that christian who was stabbed in the neck since christians kill more people everyday. it is ok normal for christiasns to kill anyone they want but it is illegal for a muslim to fight back. these same christians killed many ASHURITES because they refused to accept the jewish man-god. these same filthy vampires were protected and cared for my our muslim brethren from persecution. they refused to spare a single muslim if they had the chance to protect 1 but want to pose as victims of muslim abuse and persecution.

never forget the crimes and murders taking place every day by christians against innocent people anywhere in the world. they are thristy and hungry for blood and flesh and they can kill anyone they wish.


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