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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Monday, December 24 2007, 20:57:22 (CET)
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Assyrians and Syriacs during world war 1 in Southern Anatolia and Azerbijan 1914-1918. Reasearch by Jonas Linderholm (Sweden 1999).

Those who were in eastern Turkey and western Iran during world war 1 are fairly known today. That provides a good oppurtunity for those who intend to deviate the history for political propganda aims under the cover of "explaining the truth". As the time passed by after the war, the number of those who died in these so called "massacres" increased gradually. "100 thousand casualties in Lebanon" is a good example of the gradual deviation of history. In spring 1916, a Lebanese parliament stated that 100 thousand people had died in Lebanon during winter 1915/16 due to starvation and diseases. Cereals had been eradicated by flocks of grashoppers and contagious paratyphoid fever had started among people.

After 80 years now, how is this fact made known today, after being filtered out of the pages of religion? Ingmar Karlsson, who is not a historian of religion, but who bases his works on the books of the history of religions , wrote the following in 1991:

"During 1914-1917, 100 thousand people almost all of whom were Christians and Maronites died due to diseases, starvation, lack of nutrition and executions"(Karlsson p101). Executions have been immediately slipped in here as a major reason for death. No wonder most of those who died are Christians:two thirds of the population of Lebanon, which was far smaller than it is today, consisted of Christians. The statement "almost all" implies that more than 66% of the casualties were Christians.

In 1995 Giorgio Fedalto, an expert on eastern churches wrote : repeated massacres had been perpetrated by the Ottomans against Christians during world war 1, and these massacres had only been stopped in 1918.("repeated" here refers to the Druze Maronite Civil war in 1860). Furthermore, numbers increased considerably. 100 thousand people out of 450 thousand had died (fedalto p202). Starvation, diseases and dead Muslims have been ignored here, and the massacres perpetrated by the Ottomans against Christians are mentioned here rather than individual murders. Morover, the Druzes who have been referred to 8 lines before as the crimminals og 1860 are suddenly turned into Ottomans!

As a historian, I have carried out the following research in order to give a balanced display of trageic events experienced during that period. I have made use of today's resources as much as possible.

Part 2 will continue shortly, InshaAllah.


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