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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 0:43:56 (CET)
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Withdrawl of Russians and anarchy in Azerbijan

Russians conducted their enormous attack in northern part of the province of Erzerum. The Ottoman army under the command of Enver Pasha attacked Russian positions in sarikamis on December 27. The commander of the Russian army got paniced and ordered his tropps to withdrawl from Azerbijan. General Tjernubof commander of the Russian army in Azerbijan withdrew his army although they were not threatened(Allen and Muratoff p345). Half of the Christian population mostly Armenians and 5 thousand Syriac Christians started to run away together with the army(attention 5 thousand Syriacs and not 50 to 70 thousand as Vartanov wrote! see Bryce doc. no.27). missionaries reported that almost a thousand Syriacs and Chaldeans had died due to freezing.

Two days after the departure of Russians from Urmia ans Salmas, Kurdish Begzadeh Herki and Zaza tribes came from neighboring area and began to invade the region. The chief of the Shakak tribe and Simko are not mentioned in relations to the attacks in today's sources. Villages of Shiites and Christians were plundered. The Iranian people did not have enough power to protect. Christians took shelter in foreign mission in Urmia. in a few weeks time, 17 thousand people had taken shelter in the American mission and 3 thousand in the French mission. At the same time, a unit consisting of Ottoman volunteers departed from Mosul under Kurdish support and went to Azerbijan's capital Tabriz via Mahabad and took over its control on january 14. General Tjernezubov took Tabriz back on january 30(Allen and Muratoff P 296).


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