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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 6:38:50 (CET)
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thank you...most interesting. Our boys believe that any time you seek answers, regardless of where they lead, you are an enemy to them if you expose their lies and deceit...and a great friend, if not of truth, then of them.

This is the reaosn we have never, and will never, produce any first rate and professional historians...except for Dr Joseph and he's been called a traitor and worse by the boys...naturally. Instead they try to fluff up and pump up such people as Aprim and Rosie and all sorts of people who have their own ideas, which they try to pass off as history...making complete jackasses out of themsleves in the process...but if you point this out to them they get even angrier and stupider, if that's possible.

There isn't one of them who could defend their ideas and statistics and "facts" in front of educated professionals, using any recognized and valid sources which weren't as screwy and biased as they are...not one. Not only that but they'd run like hell from any such confrontation...Assyrians my arse!


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