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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 18:16:22 (CET)
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>It is certain that the the only evident reason the Assyrians waged war was that they wanted to bet on the winner horse, believing the Russians could beat the ottomans.

Nestorians also converted to Greek Orthodoxy in hopes of winning Russian protection...just as those who turned Catholic were promised the protection of the French government...while other Nestorians were encouraged to appeal to Queen Victoria earlier for protection...but it wasn't really "protection" they were looking for; it was help in killing Muslims or getting them killed. Just as today when they dry to America for "protection"..when they mean, "kill our Muslim brothers and sisters" for us...because we're "real" Christians and can't do our own killing.

The Russian armies had massacred thousands of Muslims with the help of the Nestorians, earlier, who were only too happy to be used. The missionaries used them, the Christian armies used them...they have always offered their backsides to any Christian who needed to fuck us.

I remember being told that my great-uncle accepted rifles from Russian officers who'd occupied Urmia briefly to form an Assyrian unit...he later went on to fight with Agha Poutrous, becoming his body guard and going into exile in France with him...accepting Christian arms was not a good idea..especially when the Russians retreated, again. Just as the Americans will leave and our Christians will once again pay the price...not in Modesto, where calls for a country of our own originate, but in Iraq.


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