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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 17:13:05 (CET)
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On April 24, 235 Armenian leaders were arrested in the capital. The next day British and French wento to Gelibolu peninsula. On May 26, the Ottoman government decided to send the Armenians of Erzurum, Van and Bitlis to Aleppo, Zor and Mosul.

It is figured that approximately 4 thousand Assyrians died because of different diseases in missionaries between January and May. The 1 thousand persons who died on their flight to Russia could also be to the other 1 thousand killed in the four massacres. According to the Macmillan dictionary, 120 thousand non Armenian civilians had been killed by the Armenian gangs between November and December of 1914.

Assyrians wage war May 1915

It is not certain when the negotiations, resulted in an agreement between Patriarch Benjamin Shimun and the Russians took place. The patriarch had gotten in touch with the Russians before the war broke out as he had done with the Kurdish leaders in Hakarri(Longrig p67). Cevdet Bey, the governor of Van promised money and weapons to the Assyrians in Hakarri in the winter of 1914/15 in order to attract them. The patriarch never concented to the proposal. Many members of the patriarch's family including his uncle Nestorios were killed by their own close relatives since they were the supporters of the Ottomans(Nikitine, Joseph p134. Assyrians killing Assyrians? these are my words).

The final confrontation between Benjamin Shimun and Tjernozubov took place in Muandik near Dilman. The Russians had accompanied the patriarch until there. The Assyrians joined the Russians upon the promise of a broader autonomy in the future. Nikitine cites that the Assyrians waged war on May 10, however, the governor of Mosul reported that the Tiari tribe had attacked the Muslim villages in Bapkale on May 8. General Nazarbekov stopped by Bapkale on May 7 on the way to Van. The Armenians in Van revolted on May 8. The time the Armenians revolted and the Assyrians waged war was evidently predetermined(Allen and Muratoff p302 n1).

The Ottoman army left Van on May 17. Halil Bey dissolved the garisson in Urmiya on May 20. The Russians entered Urmiya four days later. After a week, the Russians invaded Van with their Armeinan allies.

Nikitine's claim asserting that the Assyrians had supported the russians fearing that their end might be the same as the Armenians is against reality. Yonan has also asserted the same idea. Nikitine claims that the oppression and the expulsions have started in December 1915, however, it all started on April 24, 1915 when 235 Armenian leaders were arrested in Istanbul.(Nikitine: Nestorianer). The idea to drive out the armenians first appeared in a telegram by Enver Pasha to Talat Pasha the minister of interior on May 2, 1915(Gurun p199, 206). Yonan's claim that the Chaldeans and the Orthodox Christians had been murdered before the Assyrians waged war does not have a basis in today's documents. What matters is whether the expulsions accelerated after the Assyrians waged war. The first source mentioning that besides the Armenians also the Christian groups suffered from oppression was the telegram sent by consul Holstein on May 8. It is also worth mentioning that Nikitine's claim that Enver's step brother Nuri Bey massacred the Assyrians in Gawar in the summer of 1915 is not true. After all, Gawar was under the Russian occupation at that time. Nuri Bey served as a commander in Tripoli from february 1915 to May 1918(Pomiankowski p173).

It is certain that the the only evident reason the Assyrians waged war was that they wanted to bet on the winner horse, believing the Russians could beat the ottomans.


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