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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 19:57:52 (CET)
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After the Assyrians attacked the villages in Albak, the Kurdish tribes in the southers Hakarri started a counter offensive. The clashed lasted all summer long. The Assyrians had to flee to the mountains. The Kurds leveled the villages evacuated by Assyrians.

Following the uprising of the Armenians and the Syriacs, the two Christian minorities and the failure at the caucasian front, the condition of the other minorities grew more difficult. Most of the Muslims were considering the Christians as traitors without and differentiation. On May 18, the German consul Holstein reported that the enmity toward the Christians increased and some massacres were carried out in Amadia district.

The official authorities discovered a huge weapons depot of the Armenians in Diayarbakir in early May. All the Armenian leaders were arrested(Lepsius p no48 p63).

The Kurds attacked the Syriacs on June 1 in the villages of Djezire. The Syriacs fled to Beth Zabday and defended themselves successfully for 40 days. The official authorities were using the mounted gendarmerie forces to maintain order in the rural areas before the war. During the war when the forces were sent to the front, the Kurdish tribes considered as loyal to the regime were located in the region. So they were set free to hit the Haverkan federation, their eternal enemy and its Syriac allies.

The officials searched for weapons in Midyat on June 22. The population of the town at the time was 5 thousand. 95% were Christians. The number of Armenians was 1 thousand at the most and the rest were Syriacs of different beliefs. Around 100 Christians, 8 of them Syriacs were arrested. They were released after their identities were checked. The Armenians were taken out of the town and killed on June 28(Hinno p60).

The Ottoman ministry of interior, on June 4, decided to drive away the Armenians in Trebzon, Sivas, Diyarbakir and Elaziz. The Armenian Muslims were also expelled(Gurun p22).

The German embassy felt it necessary to forward the complaints they had received. In the letter of complaint written based on the information Holstein in Mosul, it was recorded that 2 thousand Armenians and a few Syriacs were "slaughtered like sheep" and the government was asked to stop Resit Bey. The same day, the ministry of interior ordered the bloodshed to be ended immediately by sending a telegram to diyarbakir(Gurun). Resit Bey was to maintain his post. Afterwards he was appointed to Ankara.

The Armenians were attacking the Ottoman gendarmerie in the rural areas(Schemsi p72). According to Holstein, Resit Bey had the chief of Midyat district killed on July 15, on the pretext of that he had refused to kill the Christians in the region(Lepsius p115,104).


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