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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, May 4 2014, 3:46:45 (UTC)
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When I was living in Northern California near the Russian River, I came across a book at a friend's house about Hitler's sexuality. At the time I was more interested in reading Krishnamurti (who shared a mutual friend with Hitler: Madame Blavatsky. This was a period in Hitler's life in which he was interested in the Occult, especially the Theosophical Society, with whom the young Krishnamurti was temporarily involved while being he was being groomed to become a World Teacher). Hitler, according to the author, was allegedly a bi-sexual, or a homosexual, (and of course, the allegation that he was part-Jewish). In addition to the allegations I stated above, he was also accused of being a Coprophilia, in simple words: he got a great kick out of being pissed on or shit upon by another person: male or female. If you've seen the controversial Italian film, "Salo': 120 Days at Sodom", by the even more controversial poet/filmmaker/communist/gay/ Catholic, Pier Paolo Passolini, who was mysteriously and brutally murdered in 1975, prior to the release of Passolini's most controversial work (film), in which there is a part called "Circle of Shit". For more information on Passolini watch the one-hour documentary, "Whoever Says the Truth Shall die":


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