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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, January 7 2013, 23:45:11 (UTC)
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Yes, the majority of Lebanese are Shias and then Sunnis are right after them. As for that fascist who sided with Israel, I have never heard anything about him being Assyrian. There are lots of Lebanese in the Atlanta area and also next door in Alabama. One of my Assyrian friends went to their church before and he didn't say anything about them being Assyrian. My grandfather, when he was in the military, also once went to Lebanon and he said he had a hard time finding the Christians because everyone one he asked would just look at him silly and say "we are Lebanese" or would say "children of this nation". He said all Muslims, Christians and Druze said the same thing. This was around the 50s I'm guessing. I also remember going to a college party ar Georgia Tech and there was this Lebanese guy drinking his arse off and we spoke in Arabic. I asked him if he were Muslim and he kind of looked at me offended and said what kind of question is that? What's the difference? I apologized to him for my stupidity. Then some years ago, this Lebanese Christian who had the same name as me(Rasheed) came in there with his Persian girlfriend and he gave me similar reaction when I asked what his religion was. The only reason I asked was because of his name. It appears Christian Arabs have no problems using Arab/Islamic names.

Assyrians on the other hand, have always puzzled me with English or Jewish names and using last names as first names. I still don't get how you use Johnson as a first name. Never met a Brit with that first name. Khaled Gibran was a Christian and always called himself an Arab and proud of it too.


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