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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, July 17 2013, 4:40:11 (UTC)
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That's right, she is a Hispanic Black, not Black American. Some house slave was talking about black on black crime and there is no outrage but the fucker forgot to mention that those blacks end up in prison for their crimes. Black people end up in prison more than anyone else and for non-violent crimes mostly. This racist white boy murdered an unarmed black teen who was innocent and got away with it. You could accidentally kill someone in a car accident and get some years in prison, yet this guy received nothing. It helps that his father is an actual somebody, a retired judge in that area and the right color. Neighborhood watch guys are just like security. They're supposed to call the cops and let them deal with it, but this dude was clearly out to get this black teenager because he didn't like him in his neighborhood. I see people walking all the time and I don't give a fuck. I don't get out and harass them and I wouldn't do that even if I was the neighborhood watch person. Let that have been a member of the NOI or Black Panther that killed a white guy and they be in prison for life or executed. Let that have been the other way around where Trayvon killed George and you would have white people going to his funeral and Trayvon would be toast.


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